At The Dyno

This week we took the car to JEP Autoworks in Hemet CA. Josh is a knowledgeable tech with SCT tuning and familiar to Mopar engines. We had high hopes going into the tuner for high HP and good results. Unfortunately we ran into complications with the preexisting tune. We were unable to rewrite anything from the previous tune due to locked software. Hemi Fever was unresponsive to our issue and wouldn't give us much info on options other than paying 400$ for a new tune. We declined their offer and decided to order our own VIN lock and start from scratch. As of now the car has not been modified, and the tune is set form when we got the car a few months back. Our numbers were much lower than expe

Prerunning for Podium

While KOH 16 isn't until February, the KC Highlights 300 is just around the corner. This race is local and right in our back yard Sept 12th. We have been testing in the hottest conditions possible. On the Johnson Valley lakebed we had over 115 degree weather. We are working on dialing in the motor running temperatures, cooling capacities and routing new lines, while also working on shock tuning for the desert sections. The RaceLJ kept its temps much lower than previously but still high for us. Working on some changes and headed back out to the lakebed to document our temperatures and shock valving to the car before Sept 12. We covered over 100 miles between our heats around the lakebed. Tryi

Proving Grounds Racing Begins

This is the beginning of Proving Grounds Racing. We have worked had to get to a place where we can be competitive in the racing field and are pumped for this new adventure.This couldn't have been possible without the support of every sponsor and everyone who has lent us a hand. John Grounds is the Driver for PGR. While an engineer at Poison Spyder Customs, he is no stranger to modified vehicles. Brian Hartman is the teams codriver. Brian has raced for years and is experienced behind the wheel along with keen navigational skills. As our team grows and we continue down this path, follow along as we cross milestones and finish lines!

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