Easter Jeep Safari

We got the pleasure of heading to Easter Jeep Safari with Poison Spyder to run trails and participate in sponsored runs with vendors as well as customers for the week. We came straight form Texas Ultra4 race! The team did a fantastic job prepping the car and getting it ready for the back to back events. We were able to take off the window nets, install a windshield with glass, switch to our 40" BFG tires, install our Crawl Tunes stereo , wipe the car down, and head to Utah! We rode with Poiosn Spyder, Rock Krawler, 4WheelParts, TMG, BFG, Quadratec, Rigid Industries, Atrec, Savvy Offroad, and many other companies during the week. We were able to put the RaceLJ to the test in running new trail

Ultra4 Texas Race Recap

Sierra Blanca, a small town 60 miles south of El Paso; You wouldn't know the small town was there unless you stopped in to smell the race fuel. Each year, Valora races along the desert silt beds and washes from the heart of town through local ranches, and along the Rio Grande River. This year Ultra4 teamed up to host an epic race with class 15, 10, and 1 cars all the way to trophy trucks and ultra4 cars. The Proving Grounds Racing team set out on the Journey from SoCal to Texas to battle the elements and fight for the checker flag. Race Course: Sierra Blanca was a mix of Rocks, Silt beds, High speed sections through the ranches, and technical turns with switch backs through some of the canyo

Texas is coming!

After our successful Mint400 we have worked the weekends putting time into the car to ready ourselves for Texas Ultra4 race. With having a flawless run we want to keep the car 100% every race. We have worked with Rock Krawler in getting the suspension dialed in for the desert sections and picking up speed where we need it the most. Currie Enterprises has helps greatly in rebuilding our 3rd members with brand new Motive Gear ring and pinions. We reached out to PSC Steering components and upgraded our cooling capacity for the power steering system to keep cool in the heated environments. Xenia Racing Wraps has helped us reach out with our social media and exposure from new vinyls to banners fo

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