Tear Down in Tennessee Recap

As 2020 has been a downward spiral for many action sports and racing divisions, we bring Ultra4 Racing back to life traveling to the foothills of South Pittsburgh Tennessee! Adventure Off-Road Park (AOP) has over 200 acres of trails, hill climbs, rocks, tree infested chicanes, and everything that Ultra4 Racing is about! Our team trekked east from Phoenix to the Tear Down in Tennessee to battle it out for the eastern race. It is easy to see way SPIDERWEBSHADE has shown rapid growth since it's start in 2005. The company offers exactly what every Jeep owner has been looking for! Their one- to four-piece Jeep Wrangler and Jeep JK mesh tops fit amazingly under hard, soft, and kini tops on almost

Shop Setup & TN Race Prep!

Summer is here, and with only six months left until the start of a new race season, John Grounds, 4570 driver, is anxiously awaiting the delivery of his new 4400-class chassis so he and the PGR Team can get to building. The Proving Grounds Racing team has a ton of work ahead of them to get the new Miller car ready to hit the track come King of the Hammers in February of next year but before the race prep can even begin, the team must set up shop. John spent the weekend furnishing the new workspace with the proper equipment, tools, and supplies in anticipation for his chassis delivery next week. More to come as we build the shop for the new 4400-class car! Miller Motorsports is an east coast

Driver's Digest: PGR Welcomes Summit Racing to the Program!

The team at Proving Grounds Racing is extremely excited to announce our newest partner: Summit Racing Equipment. The 4400-class car will be furnished with a plethora of quality products from the motor to fuel delivery system to the rear fender fasteners. As it was started by a racer, Summit continuously supports the motorsports community not only through product but also endorsement, and we could not be more thrilled to have them become part of the PGR team. John Grounds, 4570 driver, has a great level of respect for the company, and relates to the beginnings of the business. Summit's creator was a young engineer, much like John, who tricked out his 1967 Corvette Roadster with a 427 for drag

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