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At The Dyno

This week we took the car to JEP Autoworks in Hemet CA. Josh is a knowledgeable tech with SCT tuning and familiar to Mopar engines. We had high hopes going into the tuner for high HP and good results. Unfortunately we ran into complications with the preexisting tune. We were unable to rewrite anything from the previous tune due to locked software. Hemi Fever was unresponsive to our issue and wouldn't give us much info on options other than paying 400$ for a new tune. We declined their offer and decided to order our own VIN lock and start from scratch. As of now the car has not been modified, and the tune is set form when we got the car a few months back. Our numbers were much lower than expected: 221HP at the wheels and topping out at 112MPH. We believe with the new tune and updated software this car can get into the mid 300HP at the wheels and around 450 to the crank.

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