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The Mint400

The Mint400, also known as the Great American Race has been a part of Proving Grounds Racing for the past few years. The Mint 400 has held the title of the toughest, most spectacular off-road desert race in North America since 1968 when it was first run. Taking on the Ultra4 series the team has dipped into other series such as Best In The Desert Racing. The Mint400 is set in the heart of Las Vegas each year. Fremont Street hosts contingency for the race which spreads over 8 blocks of the Vegas strip.

With back to back races from KOH to the Mint the team has worked 120% to get the car back together and dialed for the race. With the help of our great sponsors we are able to take on the race next week with a prepped and finished car. Poison Spyder has been amazing to the team with parts, fab time, and use of the facility in setting up the car for the race. Huge thank you to Currie Enterprises for getting us the necessary parts for our brand new rear Currie Fab9" rear full floating axle. Rock Krawler suspension was quick on turning around new parts, valving, and help in tuning the car for the long desert race. Top Line Industrial Supply has been great with new hoses and fittings for our power steering and shock hoses. Grateful for BFG being on our side for the race, we will be running 37" Krawlers for the race next week. PSC has also stepped up for this race in supplying us with new cooler components to keep the PS system at a good operating temp. Without the help of all of our sponsors we couldn't do what we do and have the amazing car we have built.

The race will be hosted later in the year on NBC Sports but will have LIVE tracking for Saturdays race (March 4th) We have changed our car number for the class, which is 8170. look for us on the map! we race in the AM, 6AM start! IF you are in Vegas or looking for a weekend full of fun excitement and trophy trucks, come out to the mint and watch a spectacular race!

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