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Texas is coming!

After our successful Mint400 we have worked the weekends putting time into the car to ready ourselves for Texas Ultra4 race. With having a flawless run we want to keep the car 100% every race. We have worked with Rock Krawler in getting the suspension dialed in for the desert sections and picking up speed where we need it the most. Currie Enterprises has helps greatly in rebuilding our 3rd members with brand new Motive Gear ring and pinions. We reached out to PSC Steering components and upgraded our cooling capacity for the power steering system to keep cool in the heated environments. Xenia Racing Wraps has helped us reach out with our social media and exposure from new vinyls to banners for the pits.

All of these things are important in every race. each and every time we step out onto the track we learn about the car and the team. this next Ultra4 race will be the furthest the team has gone to race for any series of racing. The car is sound. the Team, solid. Ultra4 will have LIVE tracking for the race Saturday April 8th. you can catch that on

We will see you at the podium!

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