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Tentative Ultra4 2020 Schedule

As we dive into May all of us at PGR hope everyone is well and safe during these times. With a restructure of the schedule for the continuation of the Ultra4 Series, we are excited to get back out to the track! While having the time to continue prep and focus on the program, the crew is ready to throw down some dirt on the track!

Tentative Ultra4 2020 Schedule

July 23-26 Ultra4 4WP East Pittsburg, TN

Sept 17-19 Ultra4 Lasernut Reno Reno, NV

Oct 22-24 Ultra4 Nationals Davis, OK

As news, information, and reports come in as the weeks go by we are anticipating for a continuation of the race year as listed above. Ultra4 has been working on logistics and safety for those on and off the track while being able to make these possible. As new information continues to surface we will continue to keep our supporters, fans, and family up to speed on the latest for the series and program!

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