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Miller chassis is in the house!

The Miller chassis tubes are finally here and the crew at Proving Grounds Racing is wasting no time putting them all together! John, PGR 4570 driver, has spent the last week, day and night, prepping for the build by scrubbing the tubes and laying them out on the fixture tables. Our good friend Joe, who also helped build the fixture tables, took a trip down to Phoenix over the weekend for round 2 to weld the chassis together. Check out the video and photos below to see the process of the 4400 build over the last week!

First step is to clean the tubes to get the strongest weld possible! Cleaning the tubes from any contaminantes like oils from the manufacture or grit and debris for a clean TIG weld. Look at that shine!After scrubbing, tubes are carefully placed using the fixture table so it all fits together perfectly. The fixture tables have predrilled holes for aligning the mounting plate in the correct orientation and placement for a precise fit.


A chassis does not come together magically, and definitely not without the help of a few, or many, nuts and bolts. For these components we have to thank Fastenal, our local industrial and construction product distributer. With over 3,200 locations, Fastenal has everything you may need for your own build; from fasteners and tools to welding and motor equipment. And not only do they sell and ship products, but they also provide toolbox of solutions, services, and subject matter experts to help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and ultimately do what you do best (or at least to just get it done, even if you’re not the best).


Then the exciting part, welding! Friends Ross and Triple J came to assist in assembling the tubes. Once completed section done, only a thousand more to go...

Special thanks to everyone who came out to help with the kickoff of the 4400 chassis and build! All of your efforts are extremely appreciated!


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