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Sponsor Highlight: Summit Racing Equipment

November 30th marks 120 days from the start of the Proving Grounds Racing 4400 Ultra4 racecar build for 2021! This new Miller Motorsports chassis arrived on pallets in raw tubing form, and over the course of four months the team has been cranking out a full chassis, ready for what the desert can throw at it.

Starting out as an idea, the team had to progress in the racing career by moving up a level to compete in the 4400 class and this Miller Motorsports Pro Chassis is the ticket for success. With proven victories, from not only Erik Miller himself but other teams and classes that compete with the Pro Chassis builds, Proving Grounds Racing knew that this was the choice to make.

Undertaking a full build takes more planning, parts, fabrication, and components than you would think when writing out the specs for a build. On every level of product, from engine management to plumbing, Summit Racing Equipment has you covered. Summit Racing is the leading company for your hotrod, racecar, adventure machine, or classic car components.

Summit Racing has their own vast lines of products that cover a build of this magnitude from front to back. Dozens and dozens of Summit Racing products have been installed in our Pro Chassis, such as coolant hoses, Dzus tabs and brackets, starter, alternator, fuel filters and regulators, plumbing fittings, brake lines and fittings, coolant and fluids, exhaust header kits, tools, shop supplies, and so much more.

Every step of the build has brought us closer to race day and with a tight schedule Summit Racing knows that every moment counts when working on a project like this car. They have multiple locations across the country and everything that we have ordered has been in stock and ready for delivery. With UPS delivering daily to the race shop, Summit Racing boxes flood in throughout the weeks as we dive further and further into the build. Through the knowledge of their staff and team, we have been able to work around lead times on items and pairing components that would be needed with others as we purchased them along the way with the new car.

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, this week the car is set on all 4 tires and delivered to wiring for electrical. There are a few more pieces to the puzzle for the team, but soon we will be shaking the car down in the desert before cleanup and headed to Johnson Valley for King of Hammers 2021. Thanks to Summit Racing, this build has been put together faster than ever and been a huge help to the program with components and racing items for the build.


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