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Prerunning for Podium

While KOH 16 isn't until February, the KC Highlights 300 is just around the corner. This race is local and right in our back yard Sept 12th. We have been testing in the hottest conditions possible. On the Johnson Valley lakebed we had over 115 degree weather. We are working on dialing in the motor running temperatures, cooling capacities and routing new lines, while also working on shock tuning for the desert sections. The RaceLJ kept its temps much lower than previously but still high for us. Working on some changes and headed back out to the lakebed to document our temperatures and shock valving to the car before Sept 12.

We covered over 100 miles between our heats around the lakebed. Trying to shake out some smaller issues out of the car before our main event. We now switched to BFG Krawlers for our class and race tire. These did excellent on the lakebed in the desert and performed flawlessly in the rocks. Minor setbacks we need to address are a solid spare tire mount, tighter exhaust wrap, PS reservoir leaks, and some small minor adjustments. Better to settle these issues now then during race day.

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